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A global sourcing agency with broad experience at manufacturing in Mexico​

Global sourcing is our speciality and being your business partner in Mexico is our goal

We Help Companies Grow

We help businesses source and import their products from Mexico, reducing costs significantly while saving time and effort. We work with factories and suppliers on behalf of our customers and make the manufacturing process easier for our customers.

Whether your business is in the prototype stage or already has a full product line on retail stores, we can optimize your processes and work with you to find new wining products that costumers love.

How We Can Help You

Our core 4 services are:



We can find manufacturers for your product, negotiate with them and/or help you find a new reliable supplier.

This may include:

– Quoting

– Negotiation

– Contracts


Quality Control

We can inspect the product being manufactured for you, either as an arranged inspection or as a surprise audit for your supplier.

This may include:

– Pre-production Inspections

– Production Line Audits

– Post-production Inspections

– Certificates required for Legal Compliance


Order Management

We can store your product, repackage it, and even ship it directly to your customers.

This may include:

– Warehousing

– Re-Packaging

– Inventory Control

– E-Commerce Shipping Management



We will ensure the product arrives to you or your customer in the cheapest way possible while ensuring all your policies are followed.

This may include:

– Shipping Consolidation

– Door to Door Service

– Customs Declaration

– Compliance Paperwork

– Import/Export Management

Support Services

Additionally, we can provide assistance through one of our trusted partners to offer:

Product Development

We will supervise the modification of an existing product or its presentation, or the formulation of an entirely new product that satisfies a newly defined customer want or market niche.

This may include:

Market feasibility and demand forecasting studies; Design (product and packaging), prototyping, branding and product marketing (artwork, photography, video)

Travel Assistance

We can plan and arrange your trip to visit manufacturers or trade shows, providing advice on where to go or interpreter assistance.

This may include:

Visa paperwork aid, travel arrangement (hotel, transportation and catering booking) and interpreter and travel assistant for visiting trade shows and factory tours.


Here are some of the questions clients frequently ask, and if you have a question and the answer is not here, don't hesitate to contact us:

Absolutely, as part of our sourcing process, we will provide you with full contact details of each manufacturer we find, including the suppliers’ business and manufacturing addresses.

We are currently a team of five covering all sides of the sourcing process for independent clients.

Between all of us, we have over 25 years of experience. Augusto, our head sourcing agent, has worked full-time in supply chains for around ten years.

We source all products for all people, however, we have worked heavily on consumer goods, furnishings, industrial supplies and fashion.

Of course, contact us with more information about your project to check if we have a reference from a client in the same industry.

All the suppliers we find go through a multistage screening process (from interviewing them to asking for specifics of past projects, reviewing references and even visiting the factory to do a revision if the project requires it).

We have an on-site auditor who will inspect nearby locations or will audit specific projects; However, we also have a full list of partner-providers who could support us in cities that are too remote for us (ensuring they always follow our guidelines and standards).

Both, it depends on the project. For sourcing, for example, we will charge a flat fee, but for order management (like re-packaging, warehousing, e-shop management, etc.) we work under a commission charged per unit (product or package). However, we will always confirm our fees and commissions before beginning so that you know what you are going to pay. Talk to us about the specifics of your project so we can give you a no-compromises quote.

Never! We work for you and our commitment is to always find the best suppliers for YOUR project, not finding clients for manufacturers.

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